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Volvo Penta unveils hybrid marine propulsion
« : Kesäkuu 28, 2018, 11:34:06 ap »
Volvo Penta has unveiled a hybrid concept for its IPS propulsion system.

The IPS hybrid system is planned initially for the 8-13 liter engine range – suitable for powering vessels such as ferries, pilot and supply boats, as well as yachts. It uses proven hybrid technology first developed within the Volvo Group, which Volvo Penta is now adapting and certifying for marine applications, using its extensive boat propulsion experience.

“With full torque from the electric motor available instantly, the boat will maintain the responsiveness and controllability that IPS is famous for in electric-only mode, as well as offering the ability to run at 10 to 12 knots.”

A clutch and electric motor are added between the engine and the IPS pod. The electric motor is supported by scalable (depending on application needs) Li-ion battery packs that can be charged externally using AC or DC chargers; or recharged using the primary diesel engine. Opening of the clutch allows the boat to run in electric-only mode, and with the clutch closed both diesel and electric power can be used in parallel. In terms of operation, the captain will use the familiar control interfaces of the IPS system, with the addition of new drive modes to choose from.