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21m Patrol Vessel - MCA Cat. 2
« : Kesäkuu 16, 2017, 10:32:44 ap »
The Watercraft P2000 design was conceived to be the Archer Class Patrol vessel currently in service with the MoD most of which were constructed in GRP. Aluminium versions were produced to meet an overseas military application and this vessel was previously operated as a test bed for missile deployment. 'Verifier' was adapted in 2001 for her role as a survey vessel the refit being undertaken by Damen Trading in Holland to Amgram design parameters. A vessel of considerable stature ideally suited for 'offshore' operations having excellent working deck areas along her flat shear. This vessel has been operating in estuary and offshore environments accommodating multi-beam equipment - full details can be provided on request. Next full Coding Survey due 02/20 - new owner will need to revalidate.

Year built:   1989
Length:   21.2 m
Engine manufacturer: caterpillar c32
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